3 Tips for a Successful Senior Photography Session

The #1 question senior girls ask me is how to prepare for picture day.  As a professional photographer with modeling experience, I want to share a few tips to help you feel prepared for your session.

#1: Be Confident 

“Confidence breeds beauty.” – Estee Lauder

The most important tool you have is your confidence. It’s OK to feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera – in fact, most seniors feel awkward at first!  If you choose a photographer who has experience with senior photography, you do not need to practice posing. Instead, your photographer will guide you throughout your session by helping you laugh, smile, and look natural.  After 15-20 minutes of photos (a little warm-up time), you’ll get the hang of posing, and you will rock your session.   

Understand that your worth is more than skin deep.  I imagine you are much more beautiful than you realize, but I believe personality and attitude are more important than looks.  

#2:  Be Yourself

“Just be yourself.  Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, and magical person that you are.” -Mandy Hale

Be true to yourself.  Choose clothing that compliments your features and matches your style.  You don’t want to copy what is trending only to look back in a few years and wish you had worn your favorite pair of jeans in a few pictures.  Mix up the styles you choose, so both you and your parents are happy with your final images!  

#3:  Treat Yourself

You’ve worked hard towards graduation + the best way to feel confident in your skin is to pamper yourself.  I’ve listed a few examples of how to treat yourself before your session.

Take a trip to the hair salon.  You may want to schedule this a week or two before your session. Touching up your roots is essential.  Now is not the time to chop off your hair and try a new look; I recommend getting a touch-up trim in your favorite hairstyle.  

Exercise, drink plenty of water and eat foods that make you feel energized for 5-7 days before your photography session.   You will feel great, and your skin will glow!

When it’s almost go-time, visit the nail salon. It’s best to wait until the day before your session to keep the polish from chipping or fading.  I suggest choosing a nail color that is neutral and will match your entire wardrobe.  Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules.  If you have all bold outfits, then go for a bold or glittery polish!

On the day of your session, it’s crucial to hire a professional hair and makeup artist.  If you choose only one way to treat yourself, this is most important.  Makeup artists will perfect your skin tones and create a natural, youthful look, making you camera-ready.    At Hello-Life Films, we provide a hair and makeup artist for every high-school senior client.  

Kelli is located in Austin, Texas, and works with seniors from all over Texas, including Dallas and Houston. Now booking the senior class of 2022. To see more of Kelli’s work, visit her website or Instagram page.


The simple things in life are the most precious. Your family is unique and beautiful. Let’s capture that beauty together. I believe in love, adventure, and family. I believe that life is a gift and that simple moments matter most. If you do too, let’s create an experience you’ll never forget.


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