Urban and Nature-themed Senior Guy Photos

Mayfield Park, Austin Texas | University West Campus Murals | Garret – Round Rock High School Class of 2021

When planning a senior session, I always ask seniors if a specific location is meaningful to them and which style matches their personality.  Girls typically have many answers, but guys often say, “whatever mom wants, I’m doing this for her.”  

My job as a photographer is to dig deep and understand each client’s personality before planning their session.  It can be a challenge for young men to share their thoughts, but it keeps my job exciting and encourages me to work creatively.  

Garret showed up for his pre-session meeting with great answers to my questions, which was a pleasant surprise.  He wanted me to create images for his parents,  but he also shared his creative ideas. Garret collects vintage t-shirts and also has an assortment of sneakers.  He was game to visit any location I suggested, and I looked forward to capturing his big personality.    

Garret’s session plan included a mix of natural outdoor and urban portraits.  Before Garret’s session, I scouted local graffiti walls to match each of his outfits, and he chose murals that were most interesting to him.  

We began Garret’s session at Mayfield Park in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “Keep Austin Weird”?  It’s not typical to visit a city park that conserves peacocks and has a koi pond, but Austin is unique (some people call it weird). Mayfield Park has something for everyone, including hiking trails, seasonal gardens, oak-shaded picnic tables, and it’s a great stop for locals and visitors alike.  Here’s a link to the park: https://mayfieldpark.org/

Garret was natural in front of the camera, and he quickly transitioned into different poses and expressions. It did not take long to wrap up our time at Mayfield Park, and we were soon on our way to West Campus near the University of Texas at Austin.  

When we arrived at West Campus, the city felt vibrant and full of life.  Various murals greeted us at each turn, and I captured Garret in outfits that matched the colors of the murals he chose.  Garret’s personality grew with each click while we traveled through the heart of the city together.  To view artistic murals in Austin and shop for vintage clothing, check out Pavement at their Guadeloupe Street location:  https://pavement.store/

Garret’s session was extraordinary; he’s an incredibly confident yet respectful young man.  Keep smiling, Garret, and best wishes in your studies at A&M. 



Kelli is located in Austin, Texas, and works with seniors from all over Texas, including Dallas and Houston. Now booking the senior class of 2022. To see more of Kelli’s work, visit her website or Instagram page.


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